November Update

Posted on December 7, 2013

November was a good month overall, and in fact, if I had written this update a week ago I would have nothing bad to report at all. But, I waited one week too long in order to just tell you about rainbows and puppy dogs…figuratively speaking of course.

I was again reminded of God’s deep, deep love for us this month as I read through my devotions. For a couple weeks the reading was from Hosea. All about God redeeming us even in spite of how often we run from Him. What struck me most this time around as I was reading was how God told Hosea to take Gomer, and then to go get her time and again even when she was unfaithful to him, and even in spite of the shame it caused Hosea. Hosea was obedient. He loved God and he loved Gomer. What spoke to my heart is how sometimes it feels like I am doing the same thing here. Not to the extent of Hosea, but I am trying my best to love people who continually hurt me and walk away from that love. People who try to manipulate me to give them things, people who say they are my friend and care about me only to use that against me to try to get money. It’s frustrating and it hurts, but the hurt I feel is miniscule compared to what Hosea was going through, or compared to what God goes through every single day.

Being reminded of this brought me great comfort this month. I am always so humbled when God reveals Himself to me in new and deeper ways. I can say this month I have been given hope to carry on.


I am so excited for Kamau. I found out this month that he will be able to go to school next year! I can’t wait for him to be learning with other kids, playing with other kids like him, and just getting to experience life in a different way. He is such a smart kid this will really be good for him.

When I asked him if he was sad to be going to school away from Mothoni and Susie (his sisters) he replied, “No. They leave me every day for school, so now I get to go.” :-)

There are still details to figure out, like what he needs for school, getting a uniform, getting the official acceptance letter, and getting all his supplies, but barring any unforseen circumstances he will be joining Gilgil Special School in January.

I couldn’t be happier for him and the family.


Yes. I know how lame it is to put four exclamations after something like TV. But, I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is to have a TV. If I could think of a word more awesome than awesome I’d use it.

When I saw Duke on my screen, joy filled my heart. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a Duke game on my TV. A really long time.

When I go home at night and can watch things like the NBA or NFL or Modern Family and the Simpsons it makes me happy.

That sounds so superficial and silly, but it’s true. After a year of silence in my house it is nice to have something fill the air.

And, next week, because the Broncos play on Thursday night I’ll be able to watch the game on Friday.

Oh happiness!!

Top Class Graduation

These adorable kiddos were promoted from Top Class—the last class in pre-school—to Class 1—the first class of primary. They are so super cute in their graduation gowns.

The school had a great closing ceremony honoring the Top Class graduates, and honoring the top 3 students from each class. It was a fun celebration with lots of pictures, singing, and a huge feast at the end.

School is on break for the month of December, but the kids are all really excited about coming back in January. Most of them prefer to be in school instead of home on break. I get to see a lot of the kids around town and they all tell me they want school to come back fast.

I can’t decide if that’s because they actually like school, or because they don’t want to do chores all day…..


Samaki has had a rough couple of months. At the end of September/beginning of October he burned himself really badly on the exhaust of a motorbike. He was recovering well from that, but then last Saturday he was burned again.

He was playing at his house and came running in from outside. His older brother had just set a pot of boiling hot chai on the floor, and Samaki ran and stepped right into the pot. He has a horrible 3rd degree burn on his foot and leg. I’ve been taking him to the clinic every other day for treatment, and it’s awful. I mean, it’s great because he’s getting the treatment he needs, but it’s awful because he cries so hard due to the pain. I hate seeing him so sad and in so much pain, I would much rather it was me with the burn than him.

I know he will recover, and he is already doing much better, but man oh man it is hard to see my little friend suffering so much. I’m praying nothing bad happens to him in December.

Beautiful Things

I bought a rose bush 3 days ago and already the rose has bloomed. I like it a lot. It reminds me of God and His creativity and how He makes beautiful things.

Beautiful things in creation, and beautiful things out of us (thanks Gungor).

I am thankful beyond words He doesn’t stop working on me, doesn’t stop changing me, and doesn’t stop loving me. I am thankful He holds on to me even when I seem to lose my grip.

God is doing great things in Eburru, and even in spite of how hard it was for a couple months I am so glad I can see Him working. I am so glad he sends me reminders in flowers, friends, and kids to show me His love every single day.

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