July – August Update

Posted on August 15, 2013

One year ago today I was walking around London, waiting my arrival in my new home. It hardly seems possible it has been a year already since I left the comfort of Colorado and headed to Eburru.

These last few weeks have been jam packed with activity here. We had two teams from DHI/DC, a Pastor’s Conference, a team from DCC, and an Art Camp with kids from Mathare coming up to Eburru. There are still some folks here, and will be a couple more teams passing through, but by the end of August I will be able to take a breath and relax a little bit. It feels like a whirlwind right now, but it has been a really good time.

The first DHI team came and took class 4 and class 7 on a field trip to Nakuru National Park. The kids loved it! They got to see all sorts of animals: zebra, buffalo, gazelle, rhinos, monkeys, and lions. They still talk about all the things they saw and how happy they are they got to go.

The second team from DHI/DC took classes 1, 2, 3, 5, and a few other kids from the other classes on a field trip to Nairobi. They went to the Museum, the snake park (I did not participate in that activity :-), Wilson Airport, and the animal orphanage. It was a full day for everyone, but the kids had an amazing time. For some of them they had never been out of Eburru, so seeing an airplane take off was a huge treat for them.

As I was at the airport dropping off the second team, I circled around and picked up Dave and Jon for the Pastor’s Conference in Eburru. We added Simon and Craig from the UK and went up to Eburru where the 4 of them taught about 75 pastors and church leaders about discipleship. It was a very rich, very full time for everyone involved, and the pastors went away feeling encouraged to do discipleship differently in their churches. The challenge will be getting a good system of follow up in place where we can continue to encourage the pastors to implement the things they learned and continue to disciple folks well.

As Dave and Jon left to head back to Denver, the team from DCC arrived. They had some crazy travel stuff happen on the way to Kenya, but they made it. They were able to buy school shoes for 60 kids at Camp Brethren School, and had a feet washing/shoe giving ceremony that was absolutely beautiful. The smiles on the kids’ faces as they received their shoes and got words of affirmation from the team is something I will remember for a long time.

The team also facilitated Art Camp for kids from Mathare and kids from Eburru. Getting kids from Mathare and Eburru to meet and mingle has been a dream of mine ever since I met Moses 3 years ago. Moses leads the Inspiration Centre in Mathare and has really impacted a lot of kids’ lives, giving them hope for a better future. It was pure joy for me to see the kids laughing together, learning together, and creating together. The theme for Art Camp was “Made in God’s Image” and the kids got to reflect on that as they were creating their masterpieces. I am so thankful for the team making this camp happen, and so humbled and amazed at the work Moses and Jaime are doing in Mathare. God is at work all over the place, and every once in a while we get to join in with Him in what He has going on. When that happens it is truly life-giving.

As for me, I am encouraged by all that’s happened over the last 6 weeks, but I am also feeling tired from all that’s happened for the last 6 weeks. My introverted self is crying out for some alone time, so hopefully soon I will be able to get some of that time. It has been fun to have people here from the US that I can speak English with at a quick pace, and that I can talk about goofy things like sports and TV shows with. It’s also been fun to watch the folks from Eburru interact with each of these teams as they come and go, and be able to tell them “don’t worry, I am staying. I’m just taking them to the airport but I will be back.” It’s good to know that a year into my new adventure I really have found a place that is home.

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