A few things here and there

Posted on April 16, 2014



It’s been a while since I wrote last, so I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing this awesome picture of Kamau and his kitten.

I’m actually posting the picture of Kamau because he will finally be going to school in May. I’m so happy for him, and he is super excited as well. The best part of the story is Kamau will actually be going to Camp Brethren School in Eburru. After months of trying to get him into Gilgil Special School, I finally went to the school along with Pastor Steve and Mary. They thought the school was good, but not good enough for Kamau. Mary has known Kamau since he was a baby and so she feels a special connection to him, just like I do. After going to the school she started picturing Kamau there and just didn’t think it was a good place for him. So, the three of us talked and figured out a way for Kamau to go to Camp Brethren School. When I told Kamau he would be going to school in Eburru instead of Gilgil he was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He cannot wait to be in school learning with the other kids. He will be a boarder and will just go home during school breaks. That part is the same as it would have been if he was going to go to school in Gilgil, but the great thing about Eburru is I can still go see him a few times a week.

Since figuring out Kamau’s school situation I have been here in the US catching up with friends and enjoying warm showers, good roads, and fast internet. It’s been really good for me to take a break from life in Eburru and reconnect with people here. I’ve also gotten in a couple rounds of golf with Dad, and went to Disney on Ice with Cheyenne for her birthday. All in all it’s been a great month here, and I am super glad I am able to come back to rest, reconnect, and recharge.

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